This little lady has the sweetest personality! She is just a really happy baby. Our memories of Josephine at this age involve crying, fussing, lots of deep knee bends, bouncing, and shushing. Not to say Josephine wasn't a happy baby, she was just a bit more high-maintenance. And, well, she still is. Ha! Somethings just don't change.

My favorite part of this month has been the cooing and giggling! I forgot how amazing it feels when your baby starts interacting with you. For the first couple months it feels like you give, give, give and get little back besides a little milk-drunk grin and some spit up on your shoulder. Pete can really get her laughing! She gets herself going and her own giggling makes her giggle even harder. It's so funny to watch.
We found out Hazel has silent reflux this month and have started her on some Zantac. Her biggest symptoms were coughing, choking and gagging which would often lead to her throwing up or struggling to catch her breath. With silent reflux, you don't see as much spitting up. Acid comes up in the throat and is then swallowed back down. Poor little one. I had a feeling she had reflux, but it took us a while to get a diagnosis. That mother's intuition is never wrong. Within days of starting the medication the choking episodes all but disappeared. So thankful!
Since she is three years old, when Josephine saw the three she thought she should have a turn in the photo. She did her best squirmy baby impression and had her own little photo shoot. Love my silly girl!

Josephine at three months.


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