This little cutie pie actually turned 3 months yesterday (!!) but I couldn't just pass over month number two with our Hazel. I, for one, can't figure out where the time goes. I swear I just took these photos yesterday. But looking at her now, a whole month older than she is here, I can see just how much she has changed. At two months her sweet personality really started to shine through. Flashing lots of smiles that we all just can't get enough of, especially her sister. Josephine has taken it upon herself to make Hazel smile any chance she gets. And she is usually quite successful! It's just so sweet to see the two together.
I've packed up all her newborn things and most of her 0-3 month clothing is starting to get a bit snug.  It is killing me to pack everything away. It's that push and pull you feel as a parent--to want your little ones to grow and flourish yet stay little for as long as possible. Packing away all of those itty bitty things that she once barely fit into only means she is that much closer to leaving the baby stage. All. the. tears. 

Josephine at two months.


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