It's hard to believe that this little lady has been here for a whole month. I feel like I blinked and here we are. This first month was filled with all sorts of appointments and happenings--midwife visits, health visitor and Embassy doctor appointments, getting her passport, family photos (will be sharing those soon--too cute!), Christmas. And with all the crazy, I never actually got a chance to introduce our newest love here on the blog. Hazel Louise Mucha was born on November 28, 2015 and her teeny tiny, 6lb 12oz self immediately stole our hearts. After having an emergency c-section with Josephine I ended up electing for another cesarean this time around. Plus Hazel was breech from about 20 weeks on, so a c-section would have been needed regardless.

With your second child you have the benefit (or the curse, as it may be) of knowing a bit of what is to come. I definitely had certain things I was worried about or wanted to do differently this time around. But not knowing what kind of baby Hazel would be it was all a bunch of hypotheticals. I had a terribly difficult time breastfeeding Josephine and was so nervous that the same issues would arise with Hazel. Josephine just would not latch and when she did she would nurse for a few minutes and pull off. This lead to a serious case of jaundice when she was first born and some pretty extreme measures for getting her fed--syringe feeding, spoon feeding, hand expressing, pumping round the clock, then the guilt and frustration over having to supplement with formula. I prepared myself for another difficult go with nursing when Hazel was born, but she is actually the complete opposite of her sister. This girlie wants to eat all the time! And unlike her big sister, Hazel will not take a pacifier. I think Josephine had one in her mouth from hour one and is still so attached to her beloved pacis.

Hazel is generally a pretty easy going baby. As long as she is fed and held she is happy as a clam. The one thing we are struggling with is her horrible grunting. I just didn't know such sounds could come out of something so little. She is LOUD! Especially at night. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves if we are in fact living in barnyard--there's a honking goose sound, a horse neighing, and sometimes even a baby goat sound coming from her bassinet. And being deliriously sleep deprived all I can do is laugh... and pray that this is just a phase... :)

Josephine at one month.



  1. Blinking! That's the danger! She is beautiful!

    1. That came from me, Joan! You know me and computers!


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