Hope you all had a great Halloween! This was the first year we took Josephine out for trick or treating and it was a hoot. She was SO excited for Halloween! About a month ago I asked her what she wanted to be and without hesitation she said "Tiger! A tiger goes like this--Rooooaaaar!" Haha! Not at all what I was expecting. We sat and picked out her costume together on Etsy, and she asked about or mentioned her costume every single day until the big day arrived. We live in a really family-friendly neighborhood in London so people go all-out with the decorations and treats. I was so impressed with how brave Josephine was--she walked right up to each house, said trick or treat and thank you, of course ;) and came back to meet us. Things did get a bit hairy at points with big kids not being very mindful of the little toddler, but all in all it was such a fun night! We only stayed out for about an hour, which was plenty of time for us. Josephine actually asked to go home at one point--I think all the craziness was starting to get to her. We let her pick one treat from her bag, Pete popped her on his shoulders, and we walked back home to have dinner. As we walked home Pete and I joked that we need to coach her better for next year on what candies to go for--she was all about the lollipops for some reason. And we were like, "NOOO!! Go for the chocolate!" I maaaay have stopped off at the Tesco on our way home to get some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Joys for Pete and I. No shame in this pregnant lady's game!


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