I feel so lucky to have met some really great friends here. One in particular, Kelley, is a keeper. I always like to joke that we met online. And truth is, we did--gotta love blogging! We just get each other. And in this crazy expat life it's really nice to have someone like that around. Last weekend she threw the most perfect "sprinkle" for baby girl at one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants. Just a handful of ladies, yummy pastries and lattes, a delicious carrot cake that I am still dreaming of, the cutest and most thoughtful gifts, and lots of laughs. Pete came along with the camera to make sure the morning was well documented. Such a thoughtful husband, that guy is. I'm so thankful to have these sweet memories celebrating our little lady on the way.


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  1. Haha- I love that we met online. And you're a keeper too, my friend! Love being on this ex-pat adventure with you! xx


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