Yesterday's Bank Holiday was mostly spent trying to stay dry amidst the rainiest of rainy mornings. We ventured out to Giraffe in Kensington for an early birthday celebration for yours truly :) Brunch is, quite possibly, my favorite meal of all meals. Especially when it comes to eating out... and especially when there are yummy pancakes and maple syrup and a latte involved!

Today I turn 32 and am feeling all of the cliches about turning another year older. My good friend, Kelley, and her daughter came over to play and brought the yummiest chocolate tarts. The girls played. We chatted. It was such a lovely way to spend my birthday. To say I am thankful for the friends I have made here in London is an understatement. They make doing life here so much sweeter!



  1. Yay! So lovely spending the morning with you girls and celebrating your birthday! I thought you were 27 though?!

    1. yes, yes, 27 ;) we had so much fun! thank you for the sweet treats! j was crying big tears when you guys left. those two girls together is just the cutest xo


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