The other day the head teacher of our weekly music class told me, "If only I could tune in to the Josephine channel for a couple minutes everyday!!" I about died laughing because we live that channel 24/7 around here. This girl says the funniest things... without meaning to be funny. Which makes it even funnier, of course. And I thought it was time to start sharing some of these gems with all you lovely people!

Saying grace before dinner...
erin: thank you, god, for our family, our health, for Josephine, for the baby..
josephine: the baby?! i didn't have a baby!

When pulling up Netflix on the computer, she sees a picture of herself on the desktop...
josephine: no mama! don't put on the internet! i want to watch me!

While laying in bed with her one night...
josephine: i need to give you a check-up. (puts her paci on my thigh like a stethoscope)
(long pause)
josephine: oh. hmmm. your heart beep is not working.

After reading a Halloween-themed book the other day and having a very long conversation about when Halloween will come (not for three more months), the first thing out of her mouth to everyone we saw was...
josephine: it's not halloween yet. it's on sunday.

Looking at my growing belly...
josephine: soon the baby is going to pop, mama.
erin: it's going to pop?!
josephine: yes. in four minutes.


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