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A stay in Dubrovnik must include a day on Lokrum Island! It's such an easy trip--you simply catch the ferry in the Old City (they run every 30 minutes) and in only 15 minutes you are there. This little excursion was one of the things we had researched before our trip and immediately placed at the top of our "things to do" while there! With all the wildlife, wide-open space to explore, and swimming it's a fantastic option for a family-friendly day trip.

| Eat and Drink |
With lots of shaded areas, the island is perfect for picnic-ing. But if you would rather not pack your own food there are two restaurants to choose from:

Monastery Restaurant - this is where we stopped for lunch while on the island. It's located inside the Benedictine Monastery and has great pizza!

Cafe/Bar - served salads and sandwiches.

| See + Do |
The "Dead Sea" - a small, salt-filled lake that was the perfect way to cool off on a hot day! It's pretty shallow so easy to wade around in. Josephine loved the rocky beach!

Peacocks - Yes, peacocks!! They roamed around the island and were not shy at all. We were able to get up close for pictures and Josephine just got a huge kick out of them. They are beautiful creatures! There are also rabbits, but try as we might, we couldn't find them.

Benedictine Monastery - The ruins of the monastery were just really fun to explore.

Hiking trails and look out points - So many places to explore and take in the breathtaking views of the Adriatic!


Walking the walls of the Old City is another must. It's a wonderful way to get a bird's eye view of the city. You just can't appreciate the beautiful skyline, with all it's terra-cotta and domes and bell towers, unless you see it from up on those walls. There is little to no cover from the sun, so I recommend going early in the morning before the heat of day sets in or in the evening. We went in the evening and got the most stunning views of the sun setting over the city! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as  you will be doing a good bit of walking and stair-climbing.


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  1. You 3 (4) are the cutest! I adore the photo of J throwing rocks into the water. We were trying to figure out our next adventure in September and this is going to be hard to pass up.


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