Lest you think London has been hiding these turquoise waters on you, these photos have zero to do with our summer bucket list. ;) I am starting to edit photos from Dubrovnik and couldn't help but share some with you guys. This is an amazing bar that is literally built into the rocky wall of the old city. To get to it you walk through a hole in the wall (next to a small, wooden sign reading "cold drinks, beautiful view"... I mean!) and down a winding, rocky staircase. We randomly stumbled upon it one day as we were aimlessly wandering through the city and made a mental note of coming back one evening to watch the sunset. Sadly, that never happened because, well, #weareparents #toddlerbedtime. womp womp :( Buuuuuut, if any of you find yourself in the old city some day please go have a drink there for us! Preferably at sunset. K? Thanks!

Okay, on to our bucket list for this summer. We are quickly approaching the one year mark of living in London and there are so many things we still haven't done. I've always said that this is a city and country that you can forever be a tourist--so many amazing things to see and do! So let's get to it...

+visit Greenwich and stand in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres.
+play in the paddling pool at the Victoria and Albert.
+bring Josephine to a show at the Unicorn Theatre.
+afternoon tea at The Orangery.
+see a play at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre.
+go to the zoo.
+visit a farm to pick our own strawberries--I've heard wonderful things about this one!
+attend Royal Ascot--we have tickets so stay tuned to see me in a big hat and Pete in full morning dress ;)
+picnics in Regent's Park.
+bring Josephine to a show during Kid's Week.
+visit Borough Market more!
+visit Portobello Road Market on a Saturday morning.

Now all we need is the weather to start acting a bit more summer-like... ahem...



  1. #toddlerbedtime is such a bummer when you are visiting places like this! I love your summer bucket list! We will come along for any adventures that J needs a partner in crime for!

    1. you guys totally do it right by bringing your mom along! built in babysitter ;) we are so excited for some summer fun with you and M!! xoxo


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