Well this week has been a mixed bag. That's really the only way to describe it. I woke up everyday feeling like it was Monday. Nothing against Mondays, but it just wasn't the best feeling. Josephine decided she wasn't going to make this whole nursery transition that easy on us. Last week during her settling in she was all smiles every morning and all "bye mama!" Pretty much begging to go to school every day. And this week, well, it's as if she knew this was the real deal starting. Sobbing, spider-monkey clinging. The first day it took all my will power not to break down in sobs myself as her teacher pried her off of me. I quickly left, pulled myself together, and did what anyone would do--went to the nearest store and bought myself a big bouquet of flowers. I will note that she is so so SO happy at school. Really. When pick-up rolls around she doesn't want to leave! Pretty sure that's a good sign.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. We are headed to the Royal Ascot tomorrow. Definitely planning on doing some #overgramming, so be sure to follow along over on instagram--especially if you have a fondness for big fancy hats and other very quintessentially British things. Cheers! :)


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  1. OMG I'm so jealous you're going to the Royal Ascot!!! I will be insta-stalking your feed :)


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