Oh, hi there. Yes, yes, we are all still alive and kicking here. Sometimes a couple of days away from the blog turns into a month (and then some). Oops! 

The Canalway Cavalcade took place a couple of weekends ago. Little Venice is an area in our neighborhood known for its houseboats and on this particular weekend boats from all over came and set up shop along the canal. There was lots of food, music, vendors, and fun things for the kiddos, so we headed on over to check it out.
We saw so many boats with beautiful, intricate woodwork and colorful paint, but we were particularly taken by this one... ;)
We met up with some friends on one of the days--this picture kills me of little Miss M! Stone-cold determination. She didn't crack a smile the entire time. We were all in tears laughing.
The cuteness of these two is just too much! They both bee-lined it for that pink VW. And if these pictures don't give us a little glimpse of what it will be like about 13 years from now... !!!!



  1. Such a fun morning with you guys! Loved how they turned the mural into a toddler mess with the help of those other little tykes. Next year J is hitting the bumpers with M and we can have even more laughs! xx

  2. I recommend the puppet theater barge in Little Venice if you haven't yet been. Always a hit with the kiddos!


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