So, Switzerland. I feel like everywhere I turned there was another postcard-worthy photo! We stayed in Interlaken, and while it was a whole lot of trains, planes, and automobiles to get there, it was so worth it. I only wish we had stayed longer. Interlaken is situated between two lakes in a valley, so the mountains rose up all around. Just beautiful! We rented a home through Airbnb, which is pretty much the only way we travel lately. It is just so convenient to have all that space, and the extra bedroom for Josephine is key. Plus, if your lucky and have a friendly host like we did, they will be more than happy to tell you all of the things you should see and do. A local's two cents is so much better than any tourism website! The family who owned the house we rented was so incredibly sweet. The husband even offered to drive us to the train station on our last day.
Everyone rode bikes there. I thought it was so charming and so small-town to see little kids riding their bikes home from school and to see adults with their bike baskets filled with groceries heading home from work. 


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