I've been pouring myself into helping to grow this wonderful community the past month and feel so fulfilled with this journey I am on. I'm still navigating the waters of finding balance between posting here, working from home, and giving my family the time and love they deserve. It's a constant work-in-progress on all fronts, but I feel incredibly grateful to be able to do something I feel so passionate about! 

Despite the quiet here on the blog, we have been busy little bees. Josephine and I have our weekly music class dates. It is so fun watching her develop such a love for singing and music. We are thinking of enrolling her in ballet this spring. Girlfriend is quite the dancer! And after breaking my mama-heart the first couple of drop-offs, Josephine is LOVING the creche at the gym. She's all, "Bye-bye Mama!!" and off she runs to play. I feel proud and heartbroken all at once that my baby is growing up. I've been feeling such a roller coaster of emotions over this age.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. We are off on a little swiss getaway and I cannot wait! I'll be sharing all of the fondue and chocolate and adventures on instagram :)


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