I promise I will get all of our photos from Switzerland posted next week, guys! I know you all are waiting oh so patiently for them ;)

We've had lots of fun things happening here lately. Last weekend we removed the side of Josephine's crib, so she is officially in her "big girl bed". It's quite the exciting thing for her and she is so excited to show off her new bed to everyone who comes over. Our cleaning lady just barely made it in the door the other day before Josephine was already yelling "Joanita, come see my big girl bed!!" Ha! Next up is the paci situation. You may have caught this little story on instagram the other day. She's too much, that one.

Next week we are going to check out a day nursery for Josephine. Our plan is to start sending her in May for two mornings a week. I am really excited for her to be around other children her age and to get used to the whole school thing. It will also give me some time to get a bit done during the week!

Now that we've wrapped up our Swiss adventure it's on to planning the next getaway. We are so excited to head to Croatia in June! We'll be staying in Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian Coast. I am dreaming of those beaches and sunshine! Have any of you been?? Would love to hear any tips and must-see things!

Finally, there is a fun little giveaway happening over on my oil instagram!

Happy weekend you guys! Hope it's a lovely one! xo



  1. Yay for big girl bed! Haha- M is still in her crib. We are going to be able to meet for mommy play dates once the girls are in nursery. Oooh, a museum with no buggy?! Coffee with no Annie's bunnies at the bottom of our feet?! I like the sound of this. Get those Switzerland pics posted sooooon please! ;)

    1. YES! for mommy play dates. xoxo


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