Living abroad often entails lots of air travel, which can really do a number on your skin. The dry  air on the plane always leaves my skin looking pretty ragged upon landing. This hydrating facial mist is a perfect tool to have in your carry-on for when you need a little in-flight skin refresher. It's packed with all-natural, skin nourishing ingredients like chamomile--great for any inflammation and redness, vitamin E oil--provides moisture and antioxidants, and lavender essential oil--extremely gentle and helps soothe and protect skin. Lavender is also wonderful for promoting relaxation and sleep, a couple things we could all use more of while traveling!

Head over to the The New Diplomat's Wife where I am sharing all the details on how to make your own! Ania, the lovely lady behind the blog, is a fellow diplo-spouse living with her family of four in Copenhagen. Her blog is a must read for anyone with a love of travel! It is also a wonderful place to get a glimpse at what the diplomatic life is like :)
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  1. Thanks again for the post! We're flying out today so excited to give this a try!


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