We love getting out on the weekends and exploring a new museum. Bonus points if that museum is toddler-friendly--big open spaces to explore, things to touch. Last weekend we took a trip to the Tate Modern, a modern art museum in South London, and had such a blast! Modern art speaks my language. Or, I speak modern art's language?? Whichever it is, I find it so interesting and beautiful.
They had a hands-on room for children which was so, so cool. Just an overhead projector, some construction paper letters, a chalk board, and huge vinyl letters you could stick to the walls. 
This glass and gold piece... in love. It reminded me of some of the copper and glass trays and jewelry boxes I have been lusting over lately. :)
Josephine and I had fun playing hide and seek in the massive atrium at the entrance. Those huge steel beams were the perfect size for a hiding place. I got her good a couple times! Wide open spaces where we can act a fool and no one blinks an eye, those are our favorites! Can't wait to get back there!


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