Today I wanted to share this super fun and super simple valentine's day card! I am so excited for Valentine's Day this year since Josephine is finally at an age where she gets excited about holidays and loves to celebrate. I had so much fun making these cards with her and can't wait to send them out to all of her valentines! :)

"i HEART you!" Valentines
adapted from here

You will need...
Blank kraft paper cards (or card stock cut + folded in to cards)
Self-adhesive "googly" eyes (if you can find large ones, even better!)
Heart stickers (or simply cut out hearts from red or pink paper)
One inch hole punch

Cut your cards in half so you have 2 mini-cards. Punch a hole in the upper-left corner of the card (be sure to only punch through the cover). Stick a googly eye in the center of the hole. Place a heart sticker (as shown in the image above) and the word "you!" on the front of the card. On the inside, draw a silly monster using the eye. And that's it!

You can find more fun Valentine's Day ideas here! Happy month of love, friends! <3


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