Hey guys! Just popping in to give a quick update on how things have been going with my health challenge. With a sick little one it was really tough to stay on track with everything last week. Getting to the gym was especially tough. Thank goodness for my Pure Barre dvd! I was able to "get my shake on" once Josephine was in bed at night. :) Have any of you done Pure Barre before? It kicks my butt! Love it.

I am doing really good with my water intake. I am not always getting my goal amount in each day, but I am drinking way more than I ever have. And, I am noticing huge improvements in my skin and in my energy level! Woohoo! Adding in some lemon or orange essential oil really helps my get it down.

Once Josephine was feeling better this weekend and I had the chance to get to the gym, I had to push through some feelings of just wanting to stay home and veg on the couch. It's so easy to make that choice to just not do it because you are tired or what have you. But I never once have regretted a workout. That's what I kept telling myself as I begrudgingly got dressed to head out. And guess what? I felt so amazing after getting a good sweat on! Working out is good for the soul.

Week Two Stats
Maintained! Given the week we had over here, I'll take it! :)


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