This week has been interesting and eye-opening in the parenting department. Call me naive, but I never expected to have a lot of trouble leaving Josephine at the gym child care center so I could go workout. I figured there would be some tears or apprehension on her part, but she is always "see ya later mama!" whenever there are other kids around to play with, so I was sure it would be an easy breezy drop-off. If you saw this then you know what really happened. Today I got ten minutes into my run before getting called back to a screaming, crying child. Sigh. Next week we are doing a 4-day settling in period where I drop her off and stand outside the door for ten minutes before going back in and taking her home. Needless to say, I hope with all hope this works because mama needs some gym time! And, Josephine needs to learn that mama will always come back for her. I've been singing "gro-own ups come back!"on repeat this week in hopes that might help... Daniel Tiger, anyone? ;)

We booked our next adventure! We are heading to Interlaken, Switzerland for three nights in March and I am beyond excited!

In case you missed it, my sister got engaged(!) at the top of the London Eye(!!) at sunset(!!!) when my family was here visiting last week. So romantic!

I'm hosting an online class next Friday all about exercise and essential oils. Super excited to share tips on how to get your fitness groove back if you've fallen off the wagon (raises hand) and how you can use oils to support your fitness journey. RSVP here.


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