This print gave me a good chuckle and really spoke to something I have had on my heart lately. We all see those seemingly lovely and perfect lives of others on blogs and instagram. We live in the age of pinterest--perfectly styled homes, diy projects executed to a 't.' As a blogger (and instagrammer and pin-er) myself I feel like I have this unique perspective. Kind of like I know what's behind the looking glass. I try to keep things real here. I choose to share and celebrate the lovely things in life, but I also like to delve in to the not-so-fun-things that I know a lot of you can relate to. You know, like parenting a toddler... ahem. 

It's in our nature to share only the best sides of ourselves when we are posting things for all to see. Totally normal and totally okay. But take it from me, pictures on the internet don't always tell the whole story... like how Josephine was pitching a fit just out of view in that photo above because her milk cup wasn't filled up enough. And then threw said cup across the room. I mean. So I turned on Daniel Tiger (without cleaning up the milk) just to have a chance to take some quick photos in peace. Yep, mama of the year right here ;) Or how most of the time you will find me still in pjs (sometimes bra-less... yikes did I just share that??), with unbrushed teeth and hair, shooting some styled photos for a DIY post. I can keep going...  sure I posted to instagram today, but the laundry on top of our washing machine is beginning to resemble the leaning tower of pisa, and Pete and I ate frozen chicken nuggets for dinner because I haven't gotten around to placing a grocery order this week. So, there you have it. Just being real with you guys. 

Hope you are all having a splendid week! xo

p.s. you're welcome for that lovely image I painted of myself above... :)


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