I love the joy that December and the start of Advent bring. With all of the Christmas Markets and fanfare here in London it's hard not to be in the Christmas spirit. I just love walking up and down Oxford Street, taking in the windows at Selfridges and seeing everything all lit up! We got our Christmas tree on Friday and spent Saturday morning decorating. This is the first year that Josephine has been really excited about the tree. I loved having her help with the lights and talking to her about all of the different ornaments. She helped me set up our nativity and kept calling baby Jesus "weally, weally cuute." Bless her sweet little heart. 
Since we have always visited family for Christmas we never really had a reason to do a lot of decorating. With this being our first Christmas at home I plan on picking up some extra things to add touches of festive-ness around the flat. I ordered this print to hang above our buffet in the dining room. I've had my eye on this vintage santa for a while and just might need to get it. ;) Since we don't have a proper fireplace I plan on turning one of the radiator cabinets in the family room into a mantle. I think these (with some green garland) would look so pretty! I have a little Christmas confession, we've never hung stockings and (wait for it) don't actually own any (gasp!)... I know, the shame! The problem is I have my heart set on knitting us all our own stocking but just haven't had the time. Next Christmas I will have them all made, mark my words! This one is at the top of my to-make list.
I've been diffusing thieves and christmas spirit non-stop the past few days. I just cannot get enough of that christmas-y smell! I can't wait to make this play dough with Josephine. With the sun going down so early here I am always on the look out for indoor things to keep us busy. It's the perfect project for little ones and I plan on putting some thieves oil in ours to get a little immunity boost while we play. :) I also have a long list of oily gifts to make--lip scrubs, lip balms, room sprays. So much crafting and making to do...  I can't wait to share a couple of them soon! 



  1. I like reading your blog, but I love seeing the pictures you post. I am 99% sure your flat is the one we lived in when we lived in London. I'm at FSI now for language training en route to my next post. I miss London TERRIBLY and seeing your photos brings back so many memories. Thank you!

    1. That is so funny! Thank you for reading and stopping by to say Hi! We love London and will miss it terribly when we have to leave...


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