We are all healthy (finally!!) and I plan on keeping it that way through the holidays. There will be lots of thieves... diffusing, on our feet, bathing in it (kidding... sort of...) But seriously, it seems like one of us has been sick every week for the past several months. London germs have been pretty unforgiving. But I am optimistic that we will start the new year sickness free! :)

Josephine has entered that "kids say the darndest things" phase. The age when the most hilarious and adorable things start coming out of your little one's mouth. I cannot get enough of it! Just the other day she ran up to me in the kitchen, gave my leg a huge bear hug, and said "mama, you my best friend ever." I mean! I have no idea where she learned that. I pretty much melted into a big puddle right then and there. 

Some other things...

+ one of my goals for next year is to learn how to actually use my camera and photoshop. i'm thinking this class will be perfect!

+ these peppermint marshmallows would make a very sweet hostess gift.

+ this had me laughing out loud! also this and this.

+ excited to make gingerbread cookies with Josephine this weekend! who would have thought it would be so hard to find molasses in london, though? i mean, geez. this was the closest i could find... we'll see how this goes. ;)

+ i am one of those crazy people who like to make christmas gifts look really pretty even though they are just going to be ripped open. this, this, and this just make me happy!

Happy weekend, guys! I may be popping in here a couple times next week, but I am just really looking forward to doing nothing but listen to Christmas music all day and snuggle up with my loves for the rest of the year. xo


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