Phew! This week has kicked my butt you guys. Poor Josephine came down with a nasty virus on Monday. High fever, cough, congestion. She has been attached to me pretty much all week. And, of course, Pete had some existing work engagements in the evenings that he couldn't get out of so it was just me and my little sick one. Let's just say the weekend couldn't have come soon enough. These have single-handedly (so far, fingers-crossed ;)) spared me from catching whatever it is she has. Pretty thankful for that!

I thought it would be fun to bring back the "happy weekend" posts. Does anyone even remember I had those? Kinda forgot myself haha. I love this picture of my sweet girl at the Ambassador's holiday party last weekend. She is such a social butterfly already. Definitely not an introvert like her mama. She comes alive when she is around other kiddos. Did you guys see this photo I shared from the party? Dying! Despite all the efforts of the photographer and elves and Mrs. Claus she would not crack a smile. Not impressed mom.

Some other weekend thoughts...

+ Can't wait to start knitting this beauty this weekend! Makes me giddy just thinking about it :)

+ Peppermint + chocolate is one of my favorite combos. Adding sipping chocolate to my grocery list!

+ Picked up this adorable wrapping paper... it will be a very London-y Christmas under our tree this year. Ho ho ho!

+ Hoping Josephine is feeling better next week so we can do this! We already found the one in Selfridges. So fun!

+ Pete and I watched this (must read the book now!) and this recently. Loved them both if you need some movie night ideas.


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