In researching what to do while we were in Paris, Pete came across the Cite des enfnats at the Science Museum (Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie)-- an adventure playground filled with fun activities for little ones. Water play, big building blocks, a life size maze and so much more! Josephine was in heaven, as you can imagine. And Pete and I had a blast, too! The area is divided by age so everything is age appropriate for your little one and they sell tickets in time blocks so it never gets super overcrowded. We never experienced a wait to play with anything. That is HUGE!
That night was so crisp and clear, so we decided to venture down to the Louvre to get some nighttime photos with everything all lit up. An extra bonus was getting to see both the Eiffel Tower in lights and the Arc de Triomphe. Paris, you may be even more beautiful at night. We cannot wait to get back to that city!

Part one of our trip.
Part two of our trip.



  1. too much magic to handle!!! that museum looked incredible and josephine and her mama are such stylist tourists. :)

    1. it was the best! and you are too kind, friend!! xo

  2. Ahh the city is GORGEOUS at night!! I can't wait to get ourselves there! I love your cute little hat :)

    1. you guys will love it, julie!! a must-go kind of place :)


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