I had all intentions of sharing the photos from our trip to Paris earlier this week, but I was knocked out by food poisoning on Monday night and all plans went with it. Let's just say it's not something I would wish on anyone. Now, on to Paris! Amazing. They call it the city of love and I really, truly fell in love with it. The people were beyond friendly, something I was super duper nervous about. You always hear how standoff-ish Parisians can be, especially when it comes to little ones, but our experience was the complete opposite. We had little old ladies fawning over "Josephina" (just loved how they said her name there:)), people offered up metro seats to us left and right, we even had a chef that made Josephine her very own mini pizzas at dinner one night, just because. Since I took a ton of  photos, and so as nit to inundate you all, I will be sharing them in three separate posts. In this first one I just wanted to share all of the local color, life, people, shops from Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement (district) that we stayed. It was such a fun, quirky neighborhood and only a 10 minute metro ride in to central Paris. 
Dreaming of these macarons. My favorite was the "cafe" flavor. We bought twelve of them and  consumed about half in the park across the street from the shop while Josephine played. ;)
We rented an apartment for our stay (honestly, the best way to travel when you have a little one) and this was the little courtyard garden. The building was quite old, and had some strange quirks (like the world's tiniest bathroom), but the location was fantastic and I loved how quintessentially French it felt.  
The Sacre-Coeur Basilica was one of our first stops when we arrived in Paris since it was so close to our apartment. It sits on a hill overlooking Paris. While there is a funicular (kind of like a single rail car) that you could ride to the top, we opted to walk up the hundreds of steps to get to it. We like to punish ourselves, clearly, haha. 
I just fell in love with this sweet old man who was dancing along to the accordion in the middle of the square. He just looked so happy.
From Sacre-Coeur you can see the most amazing views of Paris. The dreaminess of this late evening photo! Breathtaking. 
This boutique was my favorite! I had that "I want to buy all the things!" feeling as soon as I stepped inside. They had the most fun tableware, bags, gifts and home ware. And the way it was styled. Perfection! 


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