I am always so curious to know what other people can't live without in their bags, diaper or otherwise. So today I thought I'd give you a little peek into mine! You lucky ducks, you. ;) The contents of my diaper bag are always changing, but these are some of the things that remain pretty constant.   

I am notorious for buying a diaper bag and then quickly finding ten million reasons why it doesn't work for me. Now that's probably because I refuse to buy an actual diaper bag... ahem. But anyway. While the perfect diaper bag still alludes me, I purchased that striped one above before we moved to London and it hasn't failed me yet. I love that it has the short handles for hanging off a hook on the stroller handle and a longer strap so you can wear it as a cross body bag. That is so clutch! Those play keys are just the best. Everywhere we go I have people asking where I got them. They look like actual keys, so if your child is as obsessed with keys as mine is, these may do the trick! They also make fun sounds which always seems to win over the little ones. If you are a bit of a germ-o-phobe like I am, that spray is your secret weapon. City-living comes with lots and lots of germs. Just spray down that shopping cart or restaurant high chair or public restroom door handle... pretty much anything you feel a little unsure about touching and you are good to go. Oh, and a little Stress Away on your wrists and you will completely forget about the fact that your toddler just dumped her entire container of cheddar bunnies on the bus floor... Deep breaths.

What's in your bag?? Do tell, do tell! :) 

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