This post also could have been titled What I Wear Every Single Day. But you can probably find me at the park most days, so it works. ;) Jeans, t-shirt, scarf, flats, jacket... it's pretty much my uniform these days. My style hasn't changed all that much since becoming a mama, but I am definitely drawn to more comfortable pieces lately. It took me a bit to get with the boyfriend jean trend, but I have to say I am in LOVE with those jeans. I wore them for five straight days when I got them. Eww, gross... I know. But the more you wear them the more stretched out (in a good way) and lived-in they get. Plus they are so comfortable! These jeans are also in heavy rotation. And, I just have to take a moment to gush about those flats. They are the most comfortable flats I have every worn in my life! Right out of the box, no blisters or rubbing or digging in the back of the heel. I have four pairs... enough said.

So what does your daily fall uniform look like these days? This is probably my favorite season... love me some layering!


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