Somehow I blinked and Josephine will be two on Sunday. How did that happen?? We are celebrating with brunch on Saturday at our flat with some lovely friends here in London. Josephine is OBSESSED with birthday parties lately. She hasn't actually been to one in a long time, but every morning she runs to the door and yells "Go birthday party! Ba-woons!" The timing of this new obsession couldn't have been better :) I cannot wait to see how excited she is to have all her little friends here for her very own birthday party! We are going with a (indoor) garden party theme. Bright colors, balloons (of course!), cupcakes, some hot spiced cider, perhaps. I would have loved to have a party in the park, but you never know what the weather will be like here.
party hat | neon | whimsy | cake
I did a lot of DIY projects for Josephine's first birthday, so this time around I am all about keeping it simple. I say that, but let me tell you, that DIY party hat was calling my name. If I had more time those would have been perfect! And that whimsical chandelier is darling, right? Tucking all of these things away for a future fete... Can't wait to share pictures! xo



  1. What a cute idea! How sweet, I bet your daughter will just love it. Those pictures are adorable and such a cute idea for a party. Hope it goes well!


    1. thank you brittany! she is finally at the age where she understands what is going on, so i cannot wait for the party :) xo

  2. We cannot wait to celebrate the birthday girl on Saturday! I also cannot wait to see how cute you make everything!


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