Happy Halloween, friends! We just got back from the Embassy where Josephine got to do some trick-or-treating, and I wanted to quickly share some photos with you all. Josephine dressed as one of her favorite books this year... Blueberries for Sal. Though most people had NO clue who she was. We got gardener a lot. Haha! This was her first actual Halloween of trick-or-treating and it was so incredibly fun. Even though she really had no idea what was going on, she happily took candy and put it in her pail. Saying hi to everyone and thanking them. :) The Embassy threw an awesome party. There were a whole bunch of offices that participated as "candy stops" and they went all out! Haunted houses, decorations, costumes, music. Some of it was a little creepy even for me! I was worried Josephine would be scared of some of the stuff, but she was completely un-phased. 
We met up with one of Pete's co-workers and her adorable little boy, Cormac. He was Paddington Bear. So cute! Josephine and Cormac are definitely buddies. Each one was always making sure the other was nearby. They really are so sweet together. We always joke that they could be siblings... two blonde-hair, blue-eye pals!
Hope you all had a great Halloween! Tomorrow we celebrate Josephine's 2nd birthday with a little party and on Sunday our little girl officially turns two (!!!!)  Happy weekend!! 


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