We took a trip to the London Transport Museum this past weekend, and let me tell you, it was pretty awesome. It was filled with old buses and taxis and trains. Josephine is a bit obsessed with buses and trains lately, so this place was her idea of heaven. She could climb on to the trains, she could sit in the driver's seat of a bus and pretend to drive it... I mean! It was the perfect place for a toddler who wants to touch and "try" everything. She could explore to her heart's content. And she did. When I uploaded all of the photos there were so many pictures of a blurry Josephine running from one thing to the next. Haha! She was all over the place. Pete and I joked about how completely frenetic our museum experiences are now that we have a child. There is no more stopping to read about things or to just take in an exhibit. But that's all okay. 
We spent a good deal of time in one area of the museum that projected video and images on the floor and wall. Josephine was in complete awe. She loved stepping on all of the images as they popped up. There wasn't any music playing, but I love how it looks like she is at some sort of rave in these photos. She makes me laugh, that one.
One thing she was not having? Playing dress up. You would think there were hot coals in that coat! "No, no, no. Off! All DONE!!" ;)
One great thing about the museum is you pay admission once and can come back for an entire year free of charge. It was about $25 each for Pete and I, so not cheap, but that extra perk made the admission cost well worth it. We will definitely be going back!

We are headed out of town for a few days to a little town about two hours outside London. Catch you all when we get back! Until then, you can follow along with us on instagram. :)


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  1. Ha, this museum looks so fun for kids! You'll definitely get your money's worth if Josephine continues to love buses and trains for the year! Can't wait to follow along on Instagram to see where you're off to!!


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