I woke up to those beautiful words this morning, along with a birthday crown, a card, and a squirmy, giggly toddler who was insistent on me getting out of bed to play! Ah, I just love this little girl so much. Her dad is pretty great, too. ;) 
The day started out kind of dreary and rainy (we are in London, after all), but the weather cleared later in the day so we headed to an early dinner at The Truscott Arms. I ordered prosecco because you always need some bubbly on your birthday-- even if you are celebrating it in a pub! Pete got a pale ale, we all "cheers'd" and split a wagyu burger and wild mushroom gnocchi. Everything was beyond delicious! Josephine befriended an older gentleman and his dog, Red. The man was so taken with her. It was rather sweet. And Josephine was just in heaven having a real, live dog to pet and "woof" at!
After dinner we walked (Josephine skipped... that girl is too much!) home, stopping at the bakery to pick up some sweet treats on the way. Pretty fantastic birthday, I would say. Hope you all had a lovely weekend! xo

first photo taken from instagram.



  1. Hi, Erin. What a fun day. Thanks for sharing. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Love you tons. Mom- ps. Keep the stories coming.

  2. OMG!! Look at her baby wellies!! That is seriously too adorable!! Looks like your birthday was a fun one with delicious food!


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