We returned from a lovely trip to Deal on Sunday. I have been having so much fun going back through all of the photos we took. And we took a lot! Which is partially why it has taken me almost a week to edit them down and get this post written. Deal is a small town on the Southeastern coast of England, about two hours (by train) from London. With Deal as our home base, we took a couple of day trips to Dover, an easy 15 minute train ride away. Our first day trip was to the White Cliffs. Magical. That's the word that continues to pop in to my head as I think back to our hike that day. It was a breezy morning and the mist in the air made it all the more surreal. As you looked out in to the distance, it was impossible to make out where the water ended and the sky began. It was quite humbling to be in the presence of such a beautiful sight. I remember feeling so small compared to those majestic cliffs.
We visited Dover Castle on the second go-round, and we just sort of let Josephine run free once we got inside. Most "rooms" in the castle were staged with reproductions of what one might have found hundreds of years ago. You know...swords and cannons and other things that are just begging for toddlers to touch. ;) The best part, though? They were all glued down! Ha-HA. So our little travel buddy could touch everything to her heart's content. The whole time, I couldn't help but think back this trip. Castles are just so cool. Plain and simple.
The rest of the trip was spent relaxing in our flat right off of Deal's High Street and just exploring the quaint little town. I must say, Airbnb is definitely the way to go when you throw a child in to the mix. Having an entire two-bedroom place to call "home" made the trip so much more enjoyable. I don't think we will ever stay in a hotel again. The beach was a block away from our flat, so we spent a lot of time there. It was a rock beach and unlike anything I have ever seen. We usually aren't ones to bring home shells or things of that sort, but we ended up with a couple of really cool rocks in our suitcase at the end of the weekend!
I loved the charm of the town. All of the little alleyways and flower boxes and brick everywhere. It was just what you would expect (and hope for) from a coastal town. This was the first time we had taken a vacation as a family of three without other family members. It was such a great retreat for us. The transition back to normal life was a bit tough, but we dealt with it the only way you really can. By thinking about the next adventure we will take together!  



  1. I love these pictures. Thanks for taking us with you through the blog.

    1. thanks, annie! i'm so glad we are able to "take you all along" on all our adventures ;)

  2. It looks like you guys had the BEST time! So many super cute ones of Josephine exploring. We are going to have to add this area to our (entirely too long) list! Let's get together again soon!

    1. you guys definitely need to get there at some point! and, yes, we need to find a time to hang out again. promise josephine will be in a better mood this time!! ;)


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