Let me introduce you to one of my absolute favorite places... Clifton Nurseries is a hidden oasis, tucked between rows of massive town homes, about a ten minute walk from our flat. Through the unassuming gate and down the narrow path lies a haven of flowers and plants and trees. I could spend all day perusing the rows and rows of pretty things. Their selection of colorful and fun outdoor furniture is also amazing. If only we had a big terrace or garden patio to decorate with all of that beauty! We left with a little house fern on this day, but there's this lemon tree that was begging to come home with me. Just not sure it would make the best house plant. Such a shame. ;)
Tucked inside the nursery is a green house cafe called The Quince Tree. It's the perfect place to unwind with a latte and a yummy pastry from their selection of freshly made sweets. They also have a full menu of light bites, salads, sandwiches and other delicious, seasonal offerings. Josephine and I shared the yummiest zucchini cakes with a yogurt dipping sauce the last time we went.
The best thing about the cafe (and nursery) is how child-friendly they are. The cafe has a big basket filled with toys and books for children to play with. It makes you feel so much more at ease knowing you aren't going to get annoyed looks because you have a little one in tow. They don't even bat an eye at Josephine as she plays with the lemons that grow along a trellis at the entrance to the cafe, or when she decides to plop herself down in the middle of the floor to play blocks. The welcoming vibe does not go unnoticed. The entire staff is just lovely!
Josephine and I will be spending a good deal of time here as the weather cools--it's the perfect respite from busy city life!


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