A portrait series of my daughter every week for 52 weeks.

Oh toddlerhood, how I love (and sort of, kind of loathe) thee. The good is so so SO good. The goofiness, the sweetness--I really can't get enough. We have little inside jokes. Just the three of us. She asks for "big, big hugs" and gives the best squeezes back. I over heard her telling her baby doll "don't wuh-wee, baby." I melted right on the spot. But then there's the not so cuddly and sweet side. Like how she has started yelling "not yours!" and "mine!" I have no idea where she learned those things. Maybe the playground? Nevertheless, it's startling to hear them come out of her little mouth. And she rarely uses them in the appropriate context. Saying them to Pete and I when she is mad or frustrated with something. Just hoping this is a short-lived phase. Sigh.


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