Just checking in from the land of wiping runny noses and chasing Josephine around with the nasal aspirator to share some pictures from our excursion to the Science Museum a couple weekends ago. We went with a plan to go right to "The Garden"--a whole area dedicated to kid's activities--so unfortunately I can't really comment on any other part of the museum. We literally bee-lined it. Ooo-ing and ahh-ing at exhibits as we passed by...  cool, a space shuttle! wow, look at that intricate pulley-system! I really can't wait to go back and check everything else out.
As soon as we saw that the kid's area had a water-play station, we knew Josephine would LOVE it there. We also knew we would most likely need to drag her out kicking and screaming. ;) There were a ton of other kids playing, and a lot of them were being pretty rambunctious. Splashing water and throwing things. It's funny, Josephine can be as wild and crazy as the best of them, but when she is around other kids that are acting a bit wild she gives them this look of "come on people, can't you act more civilized?" I mean, the look on her face in that picture below was pretty much plastered there the entire time. We could not get her to smile. Ha! But, she really did have so much fun, and of course didn't want to leave. We had to swoop in and carry her out of there to make sure she actually got to see all of the other cool things to play with!
Before heading home we popped in to a Bubble Show! We only stayed for about 15 minutes since we were really close to dinner time and Josephine was not having any of it. The girl is a bubble fiend, but when she's hungry, forget about it. Next time we go back to the museum we will plan more accordingly, because it was a really fun show. The host was hilarious! Quirky and nerdy, as you would expect, but really, really funny. I was a bit bummed to have to sneak out early.
After a little snack in the lobby cafe, we had a happy camper again. :) I am super excited to head back to the museum soon. The admission is free (much like the Smithsonian museums in DC), plus the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum--which has a fun outdoor fountain to play in(!)--are right next door. I feel like we will forever be tourists in this city. There is so much to see and do!


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