Just wanted to share some yummy recipes that have been on repeat lately around here. The weather in London has taken a turn to fall. When we first arrived, the UK was in the midst of a heat wave, so we weren't really introduced to actual London-summer weather until recently. And if this is what we have to look forward to for the rest of the summer I will take it. Temps in the mid-60s, sunny, with a chill in the air that is so refreshing. This cooler weather has us craving warm and hearty things. This Farmer's Market Skillet is filled with seasonal veggies, quinoa, feta, and the most delicious honey-lemon vinaigrette. Serve it up with some grilled chicken and, voila, a healthy and delicious meal. Bonus: it's just as yummy the next day. Yay, leftovers. ;) That garlic-yogurt baked chicken was di-vine! If you are bored with the same-old, same-old baked chicken then definitely try this one out. It's super simple and packed with flavor! The minestrone was so good. It was a hands-down favorite for everyone, Josephine included. "More soup? More soup, mama?" She could not get enough. Lucky for her (and us) it is on the menu again this week!


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