A couple weekends back we stopped by the "Sensational Butterflies" exhibit at the Natural History Museum. We were sort of worried how Josephine would react. She loves all things crawly... ants, ladybugs, worms. But butterflies flying all around could be a bit overwhelming. Pete and I really wanted to experience it, so we gave it a chance. So glad we did! It wasn't necessarily swarming with butterflies, but there were a lot of them flying, perched on flowers, and on unsuspecting visitors, too! I found it quite fascinating. When we first got inside, Josephine was more interested in playing with the gravel than looking at all of the butterflies. It took a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing from us to even get her to look around. 
This next set of photos cracks me up and pretty much sums up how she felt about the whole experience. Pete and I were belly-laughing just watching all of her hilarious facial expressions!

Ooh, this is fun! Silly butterflies.
I've got my serious face on. 
Okay, kinda freaked out now. Eeewww! It's moving!
Agh! They're flying all around! Duck!
Stay back, butterflies!
Outside the exhibit there were some other areas with wildflowers where you could look out for even more butterflies. Josephine was too busy digging in the dirt and collecting every piece of gravel from the walkway to really care. The girl has her priorities! ;) 


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  1. Oh goodness, this made me smile and laugh! She is adorable!


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