Hey guys! You may notice that the blog got a little upgrade. Yep, that's right, I now have my very own domain name: www.erinmareemucha.com. My whole life I thought my first and middle name were a pretty unique combination, but turns out there is another Erin Maree out there and she already has dibs on erinmaree.com. Womp, womp. So the full name it is. Anyways, be sure to update your bookmarks. And if you happen to forget, no need to fret, you will be redirected right here if you type in the old url by mistake.

And just one more thing... I updated the blog on Bloglovin', so if you followed me over there before you may have to re-follow me. I'm not one hundred percent sure you will continue to get new posts now that the website url has changed. Just click here and hit the follow button and you will be all set! If you hadn't been following me over there, well then now's your chance to start. ;)

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xo 

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  1. The blog looks great, as always! What an exciting upgrade! I have been working on mine as well but not everything is transferred yet. Miss you and that sweet girl so much! Hope all is well in London! :)


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