A portrait series of my daughter once a week for 52 weeks.

The expressions on this girl just kill me! As you can see, our dining room has been overtaken by all of my crafting things. I have been DIY-ing like crazy! Projects make me giddy, and I have a "must-make" list that just keeps growing. Blaming it all on Pinterest and all the amazing DIY blogs out there. Josephine clearly thinks I am being a bit over eager with everything I'm hoping to make... ;) She was in heaven rifling through that drawer of goodies behind her. I've found that the only way to accomplish anything outside of nap time is to let her 'help'... even if that means it will take me triple the time to do something and that I will have triple the mess to clean up afterwards. Wouldn't have it any other way though.

Hope you all (back in the States) have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Pete also has a three-day weekend--just one of the perks of working for the Embassy--so we have some fun things planned. Checking this out is on the top of the list. Monday also happens to be my 31st birthday (whaat?). This birthday really snuck up on me. Last I remember it was June and we were getting ready to move, and now it is the end of August! Time certainly flies. I told Pete that I just wanted to go to the pub down the road, just the three of us, and grab a burger and beer. Nothing fancy. And if the weather could cooperate so we could bring Josephine to the park afterwards, that would be the best!


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