A portrait series of my daughter once a week for 52 weeks.

So late on posting this, but between a sick kiddo (which may or may not be related to her molars coming in...she has been a bear!) and all of our stuff arriving from the States, there has been little time for much else. But, had to share this gem of a photo! A little story about those sunglasses. She refused to wear them for the longest time, and now she wants to wear them constantly. They are ridiculous, but of course a toddler can pull them off. The best is when she has her sun hat on with them. Looks like she stepped right off the senior citizen's cruise ship. Hilarious!

We took that photo, and the one's below, at Primrose Hill Park last weekend. Such beautiful views of London's skyline. You can see the London Eye, Parliament, and other famous landmarks from the hilltop. I though it was so cool to see everyone sitting out on picnic blankets just taking in the views. You would think they were all waiting for a concert to start, but no, just hanging out. For such an urban place, you are never far from a nice grassy area to sit down and relax... or run around. Whatever your mood. ;) Love that about London!


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