A portrait series of my daughter once a week for 52 weeks.

Can we just talk about the life this little girlie has? I mean, she takes her bath in a ginormous spa tub every night. Just looking at her little head peeking up over the edge makes me laugh. Quite the lucky duck! This has been quite the trying week and a half in the world of toddler-dom. Up until a couple days ago I was ready to throw up my arms and surrender to the whiney monster that had taken over Josephine's body.  I literally had a blog post all ready to go entitled In the Trenches 'cause that is pretty much what it felt like. But, all of sudden, my giggly, silly, always-singing girl (oh, speaking of singing...I die!) is back. Who really knows what changed. She just woke up on Thursday and decided she was going to be happy again. I realized that I need to stop trying to figure her out. I really think that would do me a whole lot of good. It's a crazy roller coaster ride, this age!


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