Hello! We finally got internet at our flat so I am back in action over here. Hooray! We are settling in to our new place and loving our neighborhood. Josephine and I have been keeping busy during the week checking out all of the parks. We found some real gems! It's fun to look back at all of these photos below. They are from our first week here. Back when we were staying in our temporary flat right off of Baker Street in downtown London. It seems like ages ago, but I still wanted to share a little peek into what life looked like for us in those first days here. Lots of trips to the park, a visit to Harrods, a stroll through the farmers market, and just wandering around taking everything in. I'm just bursting to share all of the little ins and outs of our new life here, so stay tuned! :)

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  1. everything is so gorgeous! what an amazing experience. soak it up!!


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