I hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July! We celebrated it here in London at a picnic on the grounds of Winfield House, the American Ambassador's residence. The home is sprawling, and the grounds are just breathtaking. It is located in Regent's Park, with a beautiful private garden, rolling back yard, and plenty of little hideaways to get lost in. The night prior, Winfield House hosted the Embassy's official Fourth of July event. It was attended by diplomats, businesspeople, and other "who's who" of London. Word on the street was that Pharell even made an appearance...!!! Since we didn't have a sitter lined up, Pete went to that soiree on his own. But I cannot wait to go with him next year! The party was New Orleans-themed and the yard and back patio were still decked out. There was a live band, bounce houses, face painting... and even dancing minions. That's right, the one's from Despicable Me! Kicking myself that I didn't get a picture of that.
We spent most of the picnic hanging out with one of Pete's colleagues who has a little boy about Josephine's age. The two of them were fast friends. It was so adorable to see them toddling around together. Josephine even shared her cheddar bunnies with him... that's true friendship right there. :)


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