Cape May was only about a twenty-minute drive from where we were staying in Wildwood Crest, so we spent an afternoon walking around. I fell head-over-heels for that place. With its beautiful victorian homes, great little restaurants and boutiques, all the beach cruisers with wicker baskets about... just perfection. I did not want to leave! Josephine was happy as a clam throwing pennies in the fountain there. She would have stayed all day... and probably would have climbed right in if we let her! My mom, sister, and I did a bit of shopping in the boutiques. I bought a couple of great summer scarves at Red Oak Trading, including one that was identical to an Anthropologie scarf I had been lusting over, but half the price. Holla! I definitely recommend stopping in if you ever find yourself in Cape May.

On one cloudy morning, Pete, Josephine and I drove over to the Cape May Lighthouse. It was such a beautiful, quiet place. I walked up and down the boardwalk with Josephine, all the while thinking how peaceful that moment in time felt. These past few weeks have been a flurry of anxiety, anticipation, and excitement. It's been such a wonderful time for our little family, but there have been times that I wished life would slow down, just a bit. I think back to that day at the lighthouse and try to remind myself that slower, quieter times exist. 


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