Borough Market, ohmygoodness. I feel like there should be angels singing and harps playing as I write this. It's a large food market where you can find everything. Quite literally. From fruits and vegetables and fresh cheeses and meats to yummy pastries, your pick of international cuisines, wine, beer... the list goes on. Pretty much a food lover's heaven. We walked in and were completely overwhelmed by it all. We walked around for a good thirty minutes before getting anything because we literally couldn't make a decision. The first thing we settled on was a Prosecco spritzer from Borough Wines. I mean, you have to start somewhere, and why not do it with a little morning cocktail? ;)  It was so good we just might have gone back for a second. A big, gooey, spelt and almond croissant from Olivier's Bakery was up next. Then, a potato and onion filled 'boureka' from Balkan Bites. We finished off the trip with what I can only describe as the best doughnut I've ever had from Bread Ahead. A strawberry, mint, and creme-filled puff of sugar-covered dough. Yes ma'am. It was so good we devoured it before I was able to snap a photo. They also had a salted caramel creme doughnut topped off with a slice of honeycomb. Definitely getting that next time. Had it not been for the fact that we were creeping dangerously close to Josephine's nap time we probably would have stayed all day. You would have had to roll us out of there had that happened. Basically, it's a pretty spectacular place. I cannot wait to go back. And, lucky for us, it's only a 15 minute tube ride away!


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  1. You made it! Isn't it amazing?! And your pictures are absolutely beautiful! They make me want to return asap!


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