A portrait series of my daughter once a week for 52 weeks.

We had to cancel a playdate to the fountains at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Thursday because I was sure Josephine was coming down with a cold. She was fussy, her nose was runny. Turns out she was just fine. I'm just going to blame it on teething. Don't know what's wrong? Oh, it must be teething... I was so bummed to have to cancel because it was a gorgeous day, plus I knew how much she would have loved splashing around in the water. Instead, we headed to Rembrandt Park by the canal to get some fresh air. I really love it there. It's just a short walk and, while there isn't a playground, the big green lawn is great run around on. It also has the most charming little rose garden and wildflowers all around. And wouldn't you know they were watering that day? So Josephine got to get a little wet after all!  


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