A portrait series of my daughter once a week for 52 weeks.

I like to call Josephine our little mirror, imitating everything we do. She watches as I put on my makeup in the morning and happily sits at my feet pretending to put on blush with one of my makeup brushes. "Mama make-uck. Yeah!" (Lately everything ends with a "yeah!"--the cutest!)  She loves pretending to cook, whipping up delicious soups with her magnetic letters and other little toys. Always blowing on the spoon before offering us a taste. Playing "wash-a wash-a" at the sink is another favorite. It's amazing how some of the most mundane things for us, like washing dishes or doing laundry, amount to the most exciting things ever for a toddler. She could stand at the sink filling up her cup and dumping it out for hours if we let her!


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