The day is here. It's actually here! In a few hours we will be heading to the airport to begin our next adventure abroad. I am holding back the crazy anxiety that is just bubbling up below the surface. Trying to remind myself that A. we've done this before and B. we're going to LONDON!! I mean it could be worse... get it together, girl! The hardest part about all this is the goodbyes. I am the absolute worst at saying goodbye. I down right despise it. I would much rather fly off to London without saying goodbye to anyone. As if we are just heading out on some long, extended vacation. Denial is a real thing, you guys! I know that sounds horrible. But goodbyes feel so final. We will certainly see everyone again. Some will even come visit us across the pond. Nevertheless, all the goodbyes have been said. Lots of phone calls and texts and face-timing with family last night. Our suitcases are packed (again). And now we are just counting down the hours...

I will be phone-less (gulp!) and perhaps internet-less for a bit while we settle in to our new life over there. So, there may be some radio silence here on the blog and on instagram. As soon as I can, though, I will check-in with all of you! Thanks for following along with me here, and I can't wait to share all the fun we will be having in London! xoxo

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