That word makes me laugh, but it really is just the perfect descriptor. Last week Pete shot some photos of me and my little slinging for entry in the next volume of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries. I haven't talked much about our baby-wearing--and now toddler-wearing--on here. Funny, because it plays a pretty big role in our day-to-day. It has since Josephine was a teeny, squishy newborn. And now that she is walking it seems she wants to be held even more. She'll want to go outside, but she'll want us to carry her for our walk. Or she'll just want to cuddle up on my hip and watch as we make dinner. I have to say I never really saw this coming. She is such an independent little thing. I figured she would start walking and that would be the end of it. She would be like, "See ya later mama!" But, that really hasn't been the case. And I kind of love it. I'll take every opportunity I can get to snuggle this little girl while I still can.

I carry Josephine in the Pure Linen version :)  


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