Sometimes the best decisions are those you make on a whim. Am I right? After church this morning we had big plans to go to The Container Store and Trader Joe's. Woo hoo. Wouldn't you know The Container Store wasn't open yet and we had a good 45 minutes to blow. So we thought, what the heck... why not get some brunch? Best idea ever. We grabbed a table on the patio. Had some really good coffee. Josephine went to town on the world's largest english muffin. A wonderful, impromptu, Mother's Day brunch.
Of course after all the brunching and errands we were nearing a full on meltdown. You know how that goes. No mother/daughter photos were happening then. But after a nice nap we got some really sweet ones. This age can be so trying. But it is also the best ever. Just this afternoon Josephine planted a big kiss on my lips, just because. My heart may have exploded just a little. And in case you were wondering, the baby monitor and puzzle piece were very necessary in the making of these photos. Trust me. :)

I know that for many, Mother's Day can be difficult for myriad reasons. But I hope all mamas, mamas-to-be, grandmother's, mamas at heart... anyone who is a mother in one way or another, had a lovely day. You all rock!


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